Who the flying s*** Greg_Fakelastname?

Greg_Fakelastname is an absolutely fantastic Youtuber who has garnered an incredible 6 subscribers off of: trolling vids, Youtube Poop collabs, MLG collabs, and plain old wierd s***. As a young fetus, he was hatched out of an egg from Shrek which looked mysteriously like an onion. Due to the onion eggs having so many layers, few of his kind managed to escape the cruel birth. Shrek, being the loving mother he is, sleeps under Greg's bed without his consent. Life in Greg's swamp was turning in to a stale meme, so he decided to move to Germany, where he was immediately sexually harassed by men in lieder hosen. After all of this scarring abuse, he decided to manifest himself within the internet, now living in a TRON-esque universe inside your mum's laptop.

His whereabouts are current unknown...


Nothing here.

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